Our puppies are very precious to us.. we have watched them being born and growing into little dogs with personalities of their own.

Now what do we ask of you?

Here are some of the stipulations we have as breeders of Miniature Dachshunds

1. We can not sell to full time workers. Please imagine going to a strange place, nothing familiar to calm you and being left for hours and hours on end.. does that sound like fun to you? Us neither, so please note that we will not sell to full time workers unless there are permanent arrangements made for puppy to stay, with say, grandma or in a doggy daycare (remember you can not put a puppy in doggy daycare until all vaccinations are complete so this will mean taking a few weeks off work). But saying this, we do understand that without an income there would be no money for vet bills, we just would ask that someone is available to puppy while you work.

2. We will not sell to an outdoor home. Dachshunds like comfort, they get cold easily, now why would you keep this little companion in a kennel? We sell our puppies to loving pet homes, we raise these little guys in comfort and expect the new owner to continue this. If you want a dog to live outside a Miniature Dachshund is not the dog for you!

3. Rehoming with children. We love our puppies to go to homes with children, after all they started their lives with them. We ask that you ensure your children are careful and considerate with your new puppy. Our puppies have had the best start and are robust little guys but manhandling your puppy can really hurt them.. try these rules... 

* Imagine that your puppy is a hot cup of tea.. now you don't want to be burnt by spilling the tea so when you lift your puppy do it as carefully as you would the tea.. it works and children can easily understand this rule. Also don't forget to support your puppy fully.

* Never let puppy jump or fall of anything higher than a few inches.. Imagine the puppy is a wine glass, if falling even from a low sofa it could break so please use this rule. Puppies bones are still soft and growth plates can take up to 18 months to close fully so bear this in mind when letting your puppy jump on and off of things.

* Puppies need quiet time too.. when puppy is sleeping, let him sleep.. I know first hand how beautiful these little guys look while sleeping - after many years of breeding litters, these little guys still melt me every time but try to resist the urge and let puppy sleep.. after all when he sleeps he grows :-) 

​4. We are always here. Please, please don't forget that by buying a puppy from us and signing our contract you are legally bound by the terms. One term is that we ask that your puppy comes back to us if you can no longer care for him/her. We would be devastated to think that one of our puppies was ever unwanted or got into the wrong hands. We chose YOU because we trusted you to care for this little baby, please let us help you if you ever have any issues. Our Contract.

5. Please take our advice. There are tonnes of groups and forums where people will advise you how to take care of your puppy, what to feed and so on. There are tonnes of people who really know what they are talking about but there are also tonnes that don't and can give very bad advice. If you need any advice please contact us first to avoid poor advice.

Here are a few rules of to keep in mind.

* If not feeding raw please feed a hypoallergenic quality food.. wet tinned food is not great for them, adding gravy is a terribly idea due to the salt content, anything coloured is a no no!! Its an absolute minefield out there for foods but we have been in the game a good while and have made the mistakes so you don't have to.. here are a few websites that give ratings and advice on foods based on the nutritional content and user experience.

I particularly like -

All About Dog Food

​but other include:

E Dog Advisor

Dog Food Analysis 

Consumer Affairs

* Many people will advise on training but you must do what works for you. You will have been given a book in your puppy pack with training ideas and tips, read it - this was written by a professional and all books we use we are happy with the methods of training. If you are having any other issues please call us to help. We know the parents of your puppy very well and should be able to help you understand what is going on with puppy and how to fix puppy's issue. 

​What You'll Need and Welcome to the family!