What is Included in my Puppy pack?

Your puppy pack will include the following:

A Blankie - Just like a child, a soothing toy that doubles as a little blanket is an ideal item to help your new baby settle in his/her new home. This blankie is included complete with litter smells. We will put the blankie in a ziplock bag two days prior to puppies leave so that any possible virus will be long gone before the blanket makes its way home. We decided to do this as part of the recommendation for breeders was that materials handled by breeders/general public were not allowed to be passed to new owners. Doing it this way the puppy still gets their soothing blankie and we abide by the rules.

Food - You will receive a 2kg bag of ACANA food. For feeding guide please click HERE we are feeding Forthglade puppy too so we will send you off with this also. We only feed quality foods and do not feed anything with nasty fillers or poor ingredients.

Kong Elephant and Ducky - Two little teddys that have a squeak but no stuffing so perfect for a little 'destuffing' Dachshund!!

Nylabone - Puppy Teething Chews. Safe and non toxic.

A Training Book - Help with training, care and information on health. Please leave this somewhere for 24 hours prior to reading due to COVID-19 rules.

Puppy Pads - Some puppy pads for your convenience. For anyone that would also like some newspapers too, just let me know.

Rope Toy - Used wet and frozen is a great way to alleviate the pain caused by teething.

'Canine Raw' Puppy Pack - Super little range of chews and treats perfectly suited to your new baby. Natural and yummy created with love by a company who have tried and tested their products on Dachshunds!!

Important Docs

Your puppy pack will also have your important documents inside. They will be in a plain plastic wallet that you can throw away if you deem necessary. 

If you leave the documents for at least 24 hours after arrival that should be sufficient to avoid possible contamination from COVID-19.

The Documents included are:

Insurance booklets and policy form - Petplan

Microchip card and stickers - we will put puppy into your name prior to leaving - the password for the account will be the pet name you have decided for your puppy.

Worming sheet with date product used and weight

​Kennel Club Documents and pedigree (if being sold as KC registered)

Weight Chart from birth

Contract and Vet Certificate Click here for more info 


Welcome to the Lodargeo Family 

Firstly congratulations on joining the family and deciding to buy a puppy from us!! Now lets get to the nitty gritty!! Vet checks will start from 7 weeks. We recommend a single DHP vaccine at 10 weeks but will have the 8 weeks one carried out if requested. We will not vaccinate with any type of LEPTO/L2/L4 due to it making previous puppies very poorly. For more info on this click here

You will have a full vet check with certificate with every puppy. More Information about our procedures with worming and vaccinations please read below. 

Worming and Vaccination:

All puppies have been wormed with Drontal Puppy Suspension on a two week schedule from birth. So they have been covered from the start. We do not use a flea treatment on our puppies until they are over 7 weeks old as all of our adult dogs that they have contact with are treated and flea-free.​​

As many of you will know, we do not like to unnecessarily/over vaccinate our puppies. We like to vaccinate just once with DHP only after 10 weeks of age as per the manufacturers guidelines, the one that most vets will push you to have at 8 weeks isn't necessary as your puppy still has their mothers immunity so it putting unessary chemicals into an already tiny body with a new immunity!! One vaccination of DHP after 10 weeks constitutes a full course and is licensed for use this way. Your puppy will be vet checked complete with a vet certificate. When we do vaccinate we will only vaccinate with DHP and will not use Lepto under ANY circumstances. The 72 hour after arrival vet check with your vet still applies. Any health issues found by your vet in this period will mean that your puppy can come back to us and you will have a refund of the purchase price less any delivery fees/initial boarding (if collecting after 8 weeks of age that were requested by yourself).

​*We will not vaccinate with any vaccine meant for leptospirosis be it Lepto2 or Lepto4. For more information on why we do not vaccinate for leptospirosis please clickHERE

Click here to find out What you'll need before your puppy arrives