All puppies will be endorsed for breeding and export of pedigree (unless otherwise stated) with absolutely NO exceptions. We will only lift the breeding endorsement (if at all) when your dog reaches 24 months of age and IVDD screening has been carried out (unless it is agreed that the bitch is mated to a low scoring IVDD screened stud).  The export of pedigree endorsement will not be lifted unless being initially sold outside of the UK. All puppies are sold with a contract that stipulates that they must come back to us if your situation changes and must never be sold on without prior contact. No exceptions.

Breeding for health, temperament and conformation

We are very proud of the puppies we produce, all of our dogs are health tested and from some of the finest lines the English, Russian, European, Canadian and American Miniature Smooth Dachshund has to offer. We always try to have a low inbreeding coefficient - in most cases always less than the breed standard (7.7%) many of our dogs less than 2%.  We will line breed on dogs that have proven to be excellent healthy examples like International Champion Muhumour iz Omskoi Kreposti who as a teenager is siring beautiful healthy puppies.  We respect that many breeders may heavily line breed their dogs while they strive to create a particular 'type'. We personally try to avoid very close inbreeding due to the scientific claims that it will in time have detrimental effects on future breeding. We feel that it is imperrative that the gene pool is widened making possible congenial defects lessened. If we do line breed we like to do a total outcross on the next generation of any line bred dogs. There is a great article on the effects of inbreeding here Click here

We have sourced our dogs from all over the world, some lines that are a little longer in the leg, the reason for this is that there have been studies that have strong connections with IVDD (Intervertebral disk disease) and the very short leg to back ratio. By lengthening the leg a little and having a more compact dog, the dog is not only less likely to have any back disorders but it will also live a more comfortable life. We breed dogs as close to the breed standard as possible.

All of our dogs are dogs are loved pets. Puppies are always whelped and raised inside our home alongside our children and visitors and, of course when old enough socialised with our other dogs.

Puppies will be able to be viewed alongside their mother and father (in some cases) at 4-5 weeks old. We will sadly not allow visits before this time. Please do not ask to bring your current dogs with you, our puppies are not vaccinated and are vulnerable to disease. Please do not ask to visit puppies if you are visiting another litter up to 48 hours beforehand, this is how disease can be spread and our puppies are too precious to us to allow this. Whole families are welcome but we ask that your children are well behaved and handling of puppies may be limited to parents and older children to avoid potential injury and stress to the mother of the puppies.

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A deposit of £500 will secure your puppy PLEASE NOTE: DEPOSITS ARE REFUNDABLE SHOULD NONE OF THE PUPPIES SUIT YOU ON FIRST VIEWING OR IF PUPPY FAILS VET CHECK FOR ANY REASON! Note: Puppies must be viewed by 5 weeks of age. Changes in personal circumstances do not qualify for a refund. 

*Please refer to our contract for further details.