Lisego Nosa Nevskiy For Lodargeo 

​Nev is producing incredible puppies and to date has a 100% success rate with an extremely high sperm count. £400 for one mating (we advise IDEXX testing). £50 for any further matings.

We are extremely proud to own the​ only Junior Champion chocolate dapple miniature smooth based here in the UK.  Nev is only available to quality girls with sound temperaments.

* Nev is PRA cord 1 CLEAR

* Nev does NOT carry the long haired gene

* Nev has been X-Rayed in accordance to the Dachshund Breed council. His score is listed as IDC2 (located C4 -C5 / C5-C6 / C6-C7 (his neck) and T2-T3 (next to his tail). Nev has no calcifications in the lumber area of his spine which we are absolutely thrilled about!! Please see above for his spine X-Rays.

*Nevs stud fee is £400.

Contact us if you are interested in using Nev and for more information.

Please note: we do ask that you endorse any puppies you do not keep for your own breeding.

Artificial insemination is available also chilled sperm can be couriered same day/next day if needed.