By signing this contract, you agree to all of the below conditions:

Your puppy has been health checked by our vet and will come to you with a vet certificate. You have 72 hours from collection to take your puppy to your vet. If you find anything that you or your vet are not happy with you may bring your puppy back for a full refund in the above listed price* and excluding any delivery or boarding fees made prior to the sale which will be deducted as necessary.

We have done all we can to breed healthy puppies from PRA cord 1 testing to having breeding dogs IVDD screened (please confirm which parents are screened prior to sale). If your puppy develops a condition thought to be hereditary we will help from paying your initial insurance excess to having our vet give a second opinion and to also support you all the way.

We ask that all buyers obtain INSURANCE when your 4 week cover that we arrange lapses. If you do not obtain suitable insurance, we sadly cannot help with any costs if anything happens to your puppy.

Please check your KC paperwork for ENDORSEMENTS we add these to protect your puppy. One is to protect puppy from being bred from, the other from obtaining an export pedigree to convert your puppies pedigree to one that the country accepts. We will not lift the export pedigree endorsement unless agreed prior to sale. We may lift the breeding endorsement but by signing this contract you agree that you have checked your Kennel Club documents and understand the endorsements placed and agree to them being in place. If you want a puppy for breeding, please tell us so that we can supply you with the best quality puppy possible with all relevant health tests.

You must agree not to neglect the puppy, if proof of neglect is noted we retain the right to take the puppy back with no monetary reward to the buyer.

We will take back a puppy at any point in their lives and state that you MUST offer us the puppy back prior to rehoming him/her yourself. If you cannot agree to this term, sadly we cannot sell you a puppy. Within 72 hours, full refund, up to 1 month after sale, 50% of the purchase price*, after 1 month to a year 20% of the purchase price and any time after 10% of the purchase price. We can however sell your puppy on your behalf to ensure a wonderful home but will ask that any fees incurred while your puppy is with us be deducted from the final sales price.

If there is ANYTHING in this contract that you are not happy about and you do not wish to sign, we are sorry but we cannot sell you one of our puppies.

Signed (buyer):                                                                                                          Name (printed):

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This is a copy of our contract, it covers both you, us and your puppy in the event that any health conditions arise or that something happens so that you cannot care for the puppy any longer. 

We are always just at the end of a phone or email and remember we love the puppy just as much as you do so please if you have any worries or concerns contact us as we can help and give advice.