We no longer give the first vaccination before 10 weeks and here are the reasons why; 

Firstly too many times the new vet decides that they will use a different brand (although it is normal practice for the vet to get the same vaccination ordered in) and therefore start the course again! This is totally unnecessary and very dangerous to pump so much chemical into such a tiny body. 

Secondly there is a lot of controversy with giving the vaccinations before 10 weeks and also with giving LEPTO2 and LEPTO4. We personally have had two adverse reactions since giving the LEPTO vaccinations and although both puppies luckily made a full recovery we feel it is something that requires serious research. Bearing this in mind we are now asking puppy owners to have one vaccination of DHP after 10 weeks which is licensed by the vaccination companies to cover the puppy (two vaccinations are simply not needed) Many breeders are taking the same route with vaccinating puppies later on and much research (including titre testing) proves that only one vaccination is needed. With regards to LEPTO we will no longer be using the vaccination. The vaccination is said to last in some cases a mere 6 months and it is not a preventative measure against the disease and allegedly makes the diseases symptoms lessened if contracted. It is a known fact that you CAN NOT vaccinate for a bacterial disease, Lepto IS a bacterial disease. 

Please visit this page on owners experiences with LEPTO vaccinations and make up your own mind 

If you wish that we vaccinate prior to you collecting your puppy we will only do the DHP and NOT Lepto. We use NobiVac and the vaccination is a combination vaccine that protects against 4 separate diseases: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus. The version that will will give does not contain LEPTO and under no circumstances will we vaccinate with Lepto before collection.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to vaccinate with LEPTO once your puppy has left us and for any reason your puppy has to return we will have to have your puppy cared for my a puppy nanny until other arrangements can be made. The reason for this is that the LEPTO vaccination is a live culture and sheds - this means that LEPTO can be carried and transferred to other dogs even if vaccinated. We can not take this chance with our dogs..

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